by Katherine Rollings and Marshall McCann

created by Marshall McCann

Like many people across Canada and around the world, you may have closely followed the United States 2020 Presidential Election months ago and maybe, you watched the previous American election four years before. The commonality between both of those elections was that election security…

I am a story-focused project manager with an extensive background
in commercial film production, photography, digital design, and live events.

At my core, I enjoy telling a story. And through storytelling, I have collaborated and created across a variety of mediums — developing and recognizing an aptitude for leading and organizing creative efforts.

I developed the pitch above by examining my existing skills and experience then attempting to communicate what I do best. For me, I work well organizing collaborative efforts that are focused on a story. I enjoy fostering and guiding that story with others.

My experience is expansive but maybe a bit too wide to be competitive so I ground them in my ability to lead and my storytelling ability.

Image of Websites Tracking through Amazon

The image above displays the total amount of trackers following my entrance to the Amazon main webpage. I can’t say I’m overly surprised at the result — I was under the impression that Amazon, alone, tracks users' web traffic very heavily.

Credit: Google Images

How would you search for an exact word or phrase?

To search for an exact word or phrase on Google, place quotation marks around the word or phrase. It will only bring up sources that have that exact word or phrase.

How would you search for something on a specific…

Marshall McCann

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